End Your Anxiety, Begin Your Life

Is anxiety holding you hostage in your own life?

Are feelings of dread or fearfulness interfering with your relationships or with your work? Or does panic sneak up on you when you least expect it and make it difficult to live the life you yearn for?

I know what it is to feel anxious. And I know how to make anxiety go away.


Those panicky, miserable sensations don't come out of nowhere, it just feels like they do. 

Where they really come from are our own thoughts, beliefs and associations, the ones that come so quickly we rarely even notice them.

What we're left with is a feeling--and whether that feeling is one of nervousness, or of heart pounding and palms sweating to the point that we land in the ER--one thing is sure: it doesn't feel good.

In fact, I think it's fair to say that severe anxiety is one of the most agonizing things we can experience.

If you're experiencing worrisome thoughts or feelings right now (sometimes just reading about this stuff is enough to trigger them!) then stop for a moment, take a deep cleansing breath, and say to yourself, "I AM safe." Say it over and over for a few minutes, while you take a few deep, slow breaths. All the way in through your nose, slowly, and all the way out. Go ahead, I'll wait. . .

Feeling better? Ok, no more scary stuff.

As a holistic psychotherapist, I know the importance of treating the whole person 

when working with clients who worry too much or experience panic attacks, and I integrate mind, body and soul in my work. By combining understanding with new ways of thinking to change old habits and embrace new ones, I help my clients make their symptoms go away so they can turn their attention to creating and living the lives they really want.

Are you ready to create an anxiety-free life?

Then read on! I hope this website will give you some information and tools to help you start feeling better, and to learn about how the right treatment can change your life.

The first section, "What's Wrong," goes over what constitues an anxiety disorder vs the normal anxious feelings we all experience throughout our lives. The most common disorders are each described so that you can see if you recognize the symptoms you are experiencing in yourself or someone you love.

The second section, "What Helps," talks about the various treatments available to help you get an idea of what type of treatment might suit you best.

Finally, the third section, "Feel Better," gives a little more information about myself and my work, so that you can make an appointment at my office in Laguna Beach, California, and start feeling better, ASAP. If you live in the state of California but not near Laguna Beach, please feel free to inquire about teletherapy so that I can "come to you" by phone or internet.